The most popular liquor in the world: South Korean 'soju'

  • Vodka and tequila are not the most popular at bars. Instead, a South Korean spirit known as 'soju' is the most popular liquor in the world. 

    It has been topping the best-selling list for a few years now; one explanation for that is its alcohol content, which is 25 percent, making its strength perfect for a few refills. 

    Bars also mix the drink with several flavors so it can go down easily and people can even enjoy it with Korean foods such as salted shrimp. "It also goes well with bossam - steamed pork wrapped in a red lettuce leaf with garlic, peppers and kimchi," a Korean chef said. 

    Moreover, it's fascinating to note that beer loves can choose to mix their beer with soju. 

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