Studies show your belly could prevent you from landing a job

  • Your body size might play a big role while you interview for a job. 

    A study in America proved that people between "normal" and "overweight" were 27 percent less likely to score an admission invite for a job as opposed to their slimmer co-applicants. The same experiment was conducted using phone interviews and researchers found no difference in admission rates between heavy and trim applicants. 

    Some interviewers might view the overweight applicants to be lazy or undisciplined. It is not clear if this is the interviewers' fault since being fat a interviewee could also lead to having less amount of confidence during the interview. 

    A recent study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology said "whether or not you're overweight, spending a few minutes pre-interview thinking about a time when you kicked butt and were in control can boost your odds of landing the job by 81 percent."

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