Steakhouse mistreats cancer patient

  • Several witnesses said a Nashville Morton's Steakhouse didn't treat a cancer patient appropriately. 

    Reports suggest that the man was part of a large group, which spent over $2,000 in total. He wore a wool beanie toward the end of the meal since he needed some extra warmth. 

    The patient spoke to the manager after he was told to remove the beanie. However, the manager said he should have brought along a note from his doctor in order to be seated privately. He stormed out after the incident along with his family and angered diners began to post on Yelp and Facebook. 

    The police reportedly arrived as well but it's not clear as to who called them. 

    "We are aware of the situation that happened at our Nashville location over the weekend," the restaurant's Facebook page reads. "We appreciate you all bringing it to our attention, and we have reached out to the parties involved and can assure you that all facts will be uncovered."

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