Starbucks under scrutiny in China

  • China has an issue with the prices of Starbucks in the country. 

    Broadcaster CCTV ran a report entitled "Starbucks: Expensive in China" and claimed the company charges its customers in China much more than it does in other markets because of the "blind faith of local consumers in Starbucks and other Western brands."

    It reported that a medium latte, which costs $4 in London and $3.20 in Chicago, costs $4.40 in China. 

    Starbucks said the report is incorrect and the figures shown in the broadcast were from other countries in Asia-Pacific. It mentioned that different markets tend to have different costs in terms of labor, commodity and real estate. 

    Starbucks is not the only company being picked on in China; Apple has also been criticized for its warranty standards as well as customer service. 

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