Starbucks CEO doesn't welcome guns in the stores

  • After months of discussion on the issue, Starbucks CEO has said guns are no longer permitted inside the stores or the outer seating area. 

    Scultz told his fellow Americans that the presence of guns inside the stores is upsetting for many customers but Starbucks won't put an outright ban on weaponry since doing so "would potentially require our partners to confront armed customers."

    Although the announcement came just days after 13 died at Washington's Navy Yard, Scultz insisted that the policy change is not related to the tragedy. He mentioned that it has been four months since he's been looking for a solution to make peace with its customers- gun advocates as well as those who favor gun control. "Very few issues are as emotional or as polarizing as this," Scultz said. 

    He said Starbucks is going to "monitor the situation" instead of posting signs and stating that guns are not welcome. 

    When asked about whether or not he has ever carried a gun, Scutlz declined to comment and said "this isn't about me. It's about the company."



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