Sony's Playstation outsells Microsoft Xbox One

  • Latest reports reveal that Sony's PlayStation4 has outsold Microsoft's Xbox One, as the rival gaming consoles battle it out in the US and global markets.

    Sony's PlayStation4 sold 1.25 million units in the United States in November, whereas the Xbox One sold 750,000 units in the same time, according to an analyst at Wedbush Morgan, Michael Pachter. Meanwhile, Sony disclosed they sold more than 2.1 million PS4 units globally by early December. Microsoft revealed they sold over 2 million systems in the same time. The price difference with the PS4 retailing at $399 and the XBox One starting at $499 seems to have tipped the balance in favor of Sony with more customers preferring the PS4.

    David Hutchinson, chief video games writer for The Times of London, described the battle of the gaming consoles as a positive development for gamers: "These are two systems that are well-balanced to keep the furious battle between Xbox and PlayStation going for the next decade ... which can only be good for gamers everywhere," he said.

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