Snapchat CEO not mature enough to apologize

  • Snapchat should consider firing either its CEO or the person who is advising him not to be apologetic for the massive breach, which affected 4.6M users. 

    In the days after the breach, the company issued two public statements via its blog, describing what had happened and what steps it is taking to prevent anything similar from happening in the future. The second statement came straight from CEO Evan Spiegel in an interview with Carson Daily. 

    In neither of the statements did the CEO directly apologize to Snapchat users, who were offered more privacy than sites such as Twitter and Facebook. 

    If the CEO doesn't feel the need to apologize for disappointing these users then he is probably not up to the job and replacing him is perhaps necessary especially if he isn't mature enough to say he is sorry. 

    However, if someone else is advising him not to do so, he should go ahead and fire that person or at least quit taking their advice. 

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