Smashing bridge in Indianapolis

  • As many as 70 trucks have hit the too-low Virginia Avenue Bridge in Indianapolis in the recent years. 

    There have been concerns regarding America's highway system being unreliable but this bridge is a different situation altogether. Transportation officials released a video of the surveillance footage last week, which shows trucks slamming into the bridge. This was done in hopes of fending off complaints coming from drivers who will now have to detour while the roadway is lowered below several bridges. 

    More than 400 collisions have been recorded since 1999 and the frequency of these accidents have increased in the recent years, according to Nathan Riggs, the spokesman for the Indiana Department of Transportation's Greenfield District. 

    We're not seeing increases in truck sizes or weights," Sean McNally, spokesman at the American Trucking Associations said. "Sometimes trucks wander where they're not supposed to."

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