Six small car models to fare badly in crash safety test

  • According to the insurance industry's tougher front-end crash tests, only two versions of Honda Motor out of 12 small cars received a "good" rating. Six of those cars received "poor" or "marginal" ratings. 

    The rigor of the tests were increased in order to include crashes that involve only the front corner of the vehicles. IIHS spokesman Russ Radar said "this is a challenging new crash test and it's not surprising that some vehicles are earning marginal and poor ratings." He mentioned that countermeasure will have to be built in by the manufacturers only when there's full redesign. 

    IIHS crashes the vehicles at a speed of 40mph into a barrier 5 foot high on the driver's side overlapping one-quarter of the vehicle's width. 

    "Acceptable" ratings were received by Dodge Dart, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota 2012 Scion. 

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