Renault planned for suicides in 'spygate' scandal

  • French carmaker Renault, which brought scandal upon itself after falsely accusing executives of spying, had prepared draft statements in case they killed themselves, it was revealed on Friday.

    The documents, published by French daily Le Parisien and authenticated by the firm, were written up as the scandal unraveled last year.

    The move followed an unsound internal investigation, which led to the dismissal of three senior employees, later cleared by a police probe.

    In the draft press releases, the company expresses sympathy and shock over a hypothetical suicide with blank spaces left for the name of the deceased.

    "The entire company is profoundly shaken by the seriousness of this act," reads one of the draft texts. "Our thoughts are with the family of Mr. XXX."

    A company spokesman justified the press releases, saying Renault media officials were simply doing their job.