South Korea Corruption: Samsung Chief in Courts

  • Samsung Chief in Court over Corruption Claim

    February 13, 2017: It is for the second time Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong has been questioned as a suspect in the biggest political corruption scandal of South Korea.

    The decision on seeking an arrest warrant for Lee will be taken by the prosecutors after the hearing.

    The Samsung chief was questioned last month but the decision by a subsequent court mentioned that grounds for his arrest were not sufficient.


    Prosecutors in South Korea Seeking Arrest Warrant for Samsung Chief

    January 16, 2017: An arrest warrant has been sought by the prosecutors in South Korea for Samsung's chief Lee Jae-yong on bribery charges. The case is associated with a scandal which resulted into the impeachment of the country's president Park Geung-hye.

    Samsung has been accused of giving donations to a non-profit organization in exchange for government favors. The organization is run by Choi Soon-sil, a friend of Ms Park.

    Last week Mr Lee was questioned for over 20 hours at the prosecutor's office at Seoul.


    Prosecutors Question Samsung Chief in Seoul

    January 12, 2017: As per reports, Samsung boss Lee Jae-yong is being linked with biggest political corruption scandal in South Korea. He has been questioned by the prosecutors in Seoul.

    The firm has been accused for giving donations to many non-profit foundations operated by Choi Soon-sil, a confidante of President Park Geun-hye. President Park was impeached last December because of the scandal.

    Earlier this week, prosecutors questioned two more Samsung employees, but they were not treated as suspects.

    Mr Lee carries a record of apologies.