Powerball winner fighting over cash with ex

  • New Jersey bodega owner Pedro Quezada, who won a Powerball jackpot worth $338M used some of this money to pay back child support. He's now fighting with his ex-girlfriend over the remaining cash. 

    Quezada's lawyers argue that the couple was never married so Inez Sanchez shouldn't technically receive any of this cash. Moreover, he also bought the ticket without her. On the other hand, his ex's lawyers said the couple shared a household for a decade and even had a child together. They played the lottery together and were both the owners of the bodega. They also mentioned that Quezada used their shared income to buy the lottery ticket. 

    A judge didn't agree on freezing Quezada's assets, as per Sanchez's request. Her attorneys claim Quezada has spent a major part of the $152M and $20M out of it cannot be located. 

    Sanchez moved out of their New Jersey home and even filed a domestic violence claim against Quezada. 

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