Passengers could one day have to pay for cabin luggage

  • Michael O' Leary, Ryanair's chief executive said the cost for passengers taking luggage in the hold of its places has been increased by 20 euros for the summer. The logic behind charging people more for the summer period, according to him is "That's when they are likely to bring more bags."

    He said the company will increase the charges until it gets rid of hold bags. 

    O' Leary hopes to bring down the figure for hold bags from around 20 percent to 10 percent and he said airlines would consider charging for hand luggage at some point in the future but its unlikely that they will do so. 

    The airline has even threatened to charge passengers for using the toilet and has claimed to introduce 'standing room' style upright seats in order to boost the number of passengers. 

    When asked, O' Leary said the amount of air conditioning on the flights would not be reduced but he would get the pilots to increase the times of flights by two minutes and go slower, which would save the airline about 70 million  euros annually. 

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