Over 900 arrested in China's fake meat scandal

  • According to an announcement by the Chinese state media, 904 people have been arrested in the country in the past three months for crimes related to selling fake or tainted meat.

    The Chinese police busted a ring involved in treating rat, mink, and fox meat and selling them as lamb meat causing much outcry over lax food security measures. The Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) said since end January, the police had uncovered 382 cases and seized over 20,000 tonnes of illegal meat.

    In China's Jiangsu Province, fake mutton was processed by adding chemicals. The criminals are believed to have made more than 10 million yuan (1.62 million US dollars) from the racket. In the Guizhou Province, the police uncovered two fake meat processing units where the suspects are believed to have been using chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide solution to process meat for almost two years now and making over 4 million yuan in profits. Authorities are now determined to take a look at the dairy products market in an attempt to clean up the nation’s food industry.