Netflix to try a new payment plan

  • Netflix is now attempting to reduce account sharing and generating more money out of families. Reports suggest that the company will make users pay for every screen they want to use at the time. Some new customers are being made to pick between a $6.99 for a one-screen option, $7.99 for a two-screen option and $11.99 for a four-screen option. 

    The move involves the risk of having some $7.99-per-month customers downgrading their plans but "that all comes out of their profit margin," one analyst said. "This is not the next pricing move investors were expecting."

    The Verge noted that HD-loving people won't like the $6.99 option, which is only for standard viewing. A spokesperson mentioned that the company "may never offer it generally" and "not everyone will see this." He confirmed that some people are also looking at the option for three screens worth $9.99. 

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