Nestle withdraws beef pasta meals after finding horsemeat

  • Nestle has withdrawn beef pasta meals from shelves in Italy and Spain after tests revealed traces of horse DNA.

    The world’s biggest food company is the latest in a string of major food producers to discover traces of horsemeat in beef meals.

    A spokesman for the Swiss-based firm said levels of horse DNA were low but above 1 percent.

    A statement from Nestle Europe said: "We are now suspending deliveries of all our finished products produced using beef supplied by a German firm, H.J. Schypke, a subcontractor of one of our suppliers, JBS Toledo N.V.

    "Our tests have found traces of horse DNA in two products made from beef supplied by H.J.Schypke…The levels found are above the 1 percent threshold the UK's Food Safety Agency used to indicate likely adulteration or gross negligence.”

    Last week, Nestle said its products did not contain horsemeat.

     Concerns over horsemeat first emerged in January after Irish authorities discovered traces of horse in beef burgers made by firms in Ireland and Britain and sold in some supermarket chains.

    The scandal widened this month after French firm Comigel alerted Findus of the presence of horsemeat in meals it made for the company.

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