McDonald's to serve sustainable beef in the future

  • McDonald's hopes to have all of its beef from sustainable sources but the first key step is to figure out what sustainable beef actually is since "there hasn't been a universal definition," the company said. 

    The fast-food chain is now creating guidelines by joining forces with various organizations like the World Wildlife Fund. It hopes to start buying such beef by 2016. 

    A rep said the company "will focus on increasing the annual amount each year, but its too early to predict the quantity that will be purchased in 2016."

    "Beef represents our largest raw material purchase annually, and beef is our top priority."

    McDonald's has estimated that beef was behind 28 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions and the company wants to help "improve environmental practices in the way beef is produced, support positive workplaces in the beef industry, and drive continuous improvement in animal health and welfare," the spokeswoman said. 

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