McDonald's goes global on nutritional offerings

  • McDonald's is in partnership with a nutrition-focused branch and has revealed that it will soon be offering salads as sides instead of french fries. The company is also planning on promoting milk, juice or water along with its happy meals; soft drinks will be available but not promoted.

    The company is making this promise for its 20 largest world markets and said it will be completely implemented by 2020.

    McDonald's CEO Don Thompson called the matter "very serious" and mentioned that the plan "will increase the access of fruits and vegetables not just in the U.S. but around the world." He said the company is already working on getting more healthy choices onto its menu. Although he revealed that more options are available, he didn't provide any specifics. 

    "This won't be the end-all solution," Thompson said. "We want to have kids consume more fruits and veggies around the world, and we want to make access easier."


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