Man who invented soap pump died at 77

  • The man who made it possible for us to avoid messy hand soaps died at the age of 77. 

    Robert Taylor introduced Softsoap that came in a plastic bottle with a pump top and he was aware of the fact that his competitors might reproduce his invention so he ended up taking a big risk by ordering 100M hand pumps for $12M- this was enough production for the facilities for over a year. 

    His bulk order as well as his $7M ad campaign helped seal his success. Nine years later, Taylor sold the product for $61M. 

    During the entrepreneur's precarious life, he sold a total of 14 consumer product businesses. His company also introduced a fragrance called Obsession by Calvin Klein in 1985. 

    He is survived by his wife Mary Kay Meneough, two daughters and six grandchildren. His son, David was killed in a 1984 avalanche in Utah. 

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