Man travels 1k miles after falling for scam

  • Many of us receive news about winning a lottery and forget about it a couple of hours later. However, this Indian man was notified that he'd won more than $319k in the national lottery held by BBC. 

    Geeta Pandey of the BBC noted that several of her colleagues received similar notifications but a 41-year-old who really needed the money made the effort of traveling all the way to claim it. 

    Ratan Kumar Malbisoi met with the scammer and was asked to send some money of his own before he could get funds transferred into an RBI account. "He said then they couldn't pay me any money, but over a period of time, we kept negotiating" and they finally asked Malbisoi to pay one-third of the total amount.

    Although he didn't return back rich, he did make it home safe. 

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