Little cash from tobacco lawsuit spent on anti-smoking efforts

  • It has been 15 years since tobacco companies settled health-case lawsuits, paying billions of dollars. However, it's still not clear as to how the state government is spending that cash. 

    Although, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned that at least 14 percent of the cash should be used to support anti-smoking programs, reports suggest that the government wouldn't agree to the suggestion and "it's never come close to 14 percent," a tobacco industry analyst said. "There are some fairly notorious cases of money being used for fixing potholes, for tax relief, for financial assistance for tobacco farmers."

    The good news is that despite the lack of effort by the government, there has been a drop of smoking rates by about a quarter in the last 15 years. However, this doesn't mean any loss for Big Tobacco since you're at an advantage "when you're supplying the most widely used addictive product in the world," the analyst said. 

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