LinkedIn revealed on-the-go recruiting tools

  • LinkedIn unveiled its recruiting tools adapted for mobile use. 

    Recruiters will now be able to search for candidates and send them InMails or even call and text. Recruiter Mobile will also enable these professionals to forward the information to hiring managers. 

    Mobile apps that can easily perform desktop functions are becoming increasingly important for these professionals, who attend various networking events and get in touch with prospective candidates. 

    "We took the most important functionality in Recruiter redesigned it from the ground up, to be optimized for mobile, and packed it into an incredibly useful and beautiful mobile app," senior director at LinkedIn Parker Barrile said. 

    The other app called Mobile With With Us enables employers to post job openings on the profiles of those working at their companies, which then appear at the top of their profiles. 

    Both these apps can be downloaded on Apple's App Store. 

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