Ikea Senior Executives accused of spying in France

  • Ikea France's present CEO and CFO, and a former CEO, have been placed under formal investigation for allegedly gaining illegal access to police records containing confidential personal data on their staff members. Under French law access to such records is strictly protected. The French prosecutor overseeing the case, Marc Brisset-Foucault, confirmed that a formal investigation has been launched. The launch of a formal investigation means Ikea France and its senior executives are one step away from being charged. Ikea France would be required to post a €500,000 bond in this case.

    Alexis Gublin, the attorney for Ikea France's CEO, Stefan Vanoverbeke, said he will fight the allegations. The lawyer for the CFO, Dariusz Rychert, has yet to comment, while the lawyer for the former CEO, Jean-Louis Baillot, would not comment on the case. The spying allegations emerged last year, after which Ikea conducted an internal inquiry, fired some employees, and instituted a new code of conduct. Ikea has 29 stores across France.


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