Honest homeless person gets a big payoff

  • A homeless man who returned a backpack containing $42,000 in cash as well as some traveler's checks raked in over $130,000 in donations for doing a good deed. 

    The money comes from an online fund set up by Ethan Whittington, the owner of the backpack who was touched by the good homeless Bostonian. "The fact that he's in the situation he is, being homeless, it blew my mind that he would do this," he said. 

    Whittington has spoken to Glen James about visiting Boston and handing him the money. James might even be able to buy a house since the marketing manager has been able to bump up the number to $250,000. 

    "After all the stuff you hear on the news, you wonder about people," Whittington said. "If we can get more people to do this we could completely change the world, one person at the time."

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