Guy plays fantasy football for a living

  • Drew Dinkmeyer quit his job as an investment analyst to make money by betting on fantasy games. He said after a few years of betting, the money became comparable. 

    Dinkmeyer plays "daily fantasy sports" so he is never stuck with the same team for an entire season. He makes daily bets as opposed to seasonal ones. 

    According to him, playing "daily fantasy" is similar to day trading. "What you're doing is you're trying to find a company that is trading for less than it's really worth." Dinkmeyer explained that fantasy football players receive a price list for football players and they have to determine which ones are "worth more than those actual prices to compile the best team that can put together the most points."

    Reports suggest that out of the 40 million fantasy players in the U.S., only about a 100 earned as much as $40,000 last year. 

    Dinkmeyer makes up for his income by writing about fantasy sports online and by hosting a satellite radio show. He said his wife does well in the financial industry. 

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