Google to allow strangers to send each other emails

  • Gmail users may begin receiving emails from strangers since Google is coming up with a new feature, which would allow a Plus user to email anyone even if they don't know each other. 

    Chris Taylor noted on Mashable that users still have to add the person to their circle before sending out an email but "that's a formality" since it doesn't require the other person's approval. 

    The move has obviously been met with plenty of criticism. "You can choose to opt out of this feature, of course," Taylor writes. "But we know how this movie ends: Millions of users will be too busy, or they'll miss the opt-out email, and the first they'll know about it is when they get a message from some guy they met at a conference once, someone they didn't give their email address to for a reason."

    Google is planning on notifying users about the feature but they can even choose to opt-out now by going to their Settings page. 

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