Gasoline runs through GM'S first female CEO's veins

  • Mary Barra has been appointed the first female CEO of General Motors and the New York Times noted that she has "gasoline running through her veins." 

    Barra joined the company 33 years ago and her father worked as a maker for 39 years as well. 

    She rose to become the senior vice president for global development in 2011 and insiders said she still has a keen eye for product development. The best thing about her is that she's "down to earth," as mentioned the chairman of the Auto Harvest nonprofit group. "She was not raised in aristocracy." 

    The company said Barra was chosen to be the CEO because of her extraordinary talent and not her gender. Consumers will be able to judge her talent themselves since the first vehicles designed under her supervision have just begun to hit the market. 

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