Ford Recalls 52,000 F-250 Pick-up Trucks, Third Recall in a Week

  • Ford has recalled 52,000 F-250 pick-up trucks, sold in the USA and Canada, because of a fault that can cause the truck to roll when the automatic transmission lever is placed in the park position.

    The company has accordingly issued an advisory to the users of 2017 vehicles and asked them to use hand brake while shifting the car into park mode.

    The statement also noted that the concerned fault has not yet caused any reported accidents or injuries.

    Reports point out that the latest recall is the third such incident by the Michigan-based automaker in a week’s time.

    Earlier, Ford has recalled 211,000 vehicles in North America alone because of the faulty side door latches followed by 360,000 vehicles in North America and Europe due to fire risk in the engine compartment.