Florida planning to sell land so it can buy land

  • Florida is planning on putting a substantial amount of land on sale and getting rid of the less significant 5,000 acres of forests, wetlands and beaches in order to buy more important land after raising $50M. 

    A list of 160 properties including a chunk of the Green Swamp has already been prepared, causing some people to criticize the state long known for its history of water and land conservation. 

    One woman who had raised money to be able to buy a 1,100 acres of park named after her dead son called this idea an outrage. "To me, the entire concept of selling off conservation land to buy conservation land is not a good idea," she said. 

    The list is still preliminary and nothing can be sold before the public hearings are held. Local universities and governments are supposed to get the first shot at the land. 

    The petition would make it compulsory for the state to spend one-third of the proceeds on the conservation of land. It has gained 200,000 signatures till now. 

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