Experimental 'Armadillo' car saves parking space

  • The experimental car 'Armadillo-T" made in South Korea parks itself on the click of a smartphone and saves plenty of parking space by folding itself in half. 

    The car, which has been named after an animal whose shell it resembles, may never be produced since it doesn't meet the compulsory criteria including withstanding crashes. Professor Suh In-soo who led development of the car said these rules should not apply to this car because it has a maximum speed of 60 km per hour. 

    The environmentally friendly car can travel up to a 100 kilometers after being charged for 10 minutes and it's rear ends up folding over the front, reducing the body to only 65 inches. This self parking is enabled by a computer system with communicates with the smartphone of the driver. 

    "They can be parked in every corner of the street and buildings, be it apartments, shopping malls or supermarkets," Suh said. 

    Suh eliminated the rear view mirrors by adding digital cameras showing the back and sides of the vehicle on a flat screen on the dashboard. 

    A video showing the prototype has been viewed on YouTube over 780,000 times. 

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