Ex-Quest CEO became close to drug offenders in prison

  • Former Quest CEO has completed his 54-month prison sentence and has emerged a changed man. 

    Joseph Nacchio is now healthier, stronger and tanned. He has also shaven his head and is friends with drug offenders namely, "Spoonie" and "Juice". 

    The 64-year old mentioned that he trusts Spoonie and Juice with his life. "I wouldn't trust the guys who worked for me at Quest," he said. 

    Although Nacchio met other white-collar criminals while serving time for insider trading in prison, the ex-CEO preferred hanging out with drug offenders instead. 

    It turns out that Spoonie and Juice like him just as much. "We are like best friends now," Spoonie said. "If he ever needs a lung or a bone, I'm there."

    Nacchio mentioned that he plans on writing a book on his experiences as a prisoner. The book will be "a little bit like Woody Allen and Mel Brooks go to prison." 

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