Entire record store is now on eBay

  • A rich music fan can now choose to buy an entire record store for $482,000 on eBay. 

    The posting calls On the Beat Records "the oldest record shop in the center of Swinging London." Owner Tim Derbyshire opened the store back in 1979 and now hopes a buyer will take over it and keep it running.

    "Without someone buying it, it will disappear," he said in the post. "If you're mad about music, love vinyl, and want to keep the dream alive, here's your chance to take on an Aladdin's Cave of musical gems." 

    The Guardian noted that these musical "gems" include "funk, soul, country, folk, jazz" and also pop records from the 1990s.

    Derbyshire called the store profitable and said this is a good opportunity for someone who doesn't have to "worry about making money but can live the bohemian life, meet interesting people every day and occasional pop or rock star."

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