eBay removes Holocaust memorabilia from its auction site and issues an apology

  • Steve Heywood, a spokesman for eBay, confirmed that the online auction site had removed about 30 items posted for sale, which had been described as Holocaust memorabilia. The items had been offered for sale by Viktor Kempf, who described himself as a historian. The British newspaper Mail on Sunday, which was investigating the sale, reported that items belonging to Jewish victims of the Holocaust, including a uniform and shoes of a concentration camp victim and armbands marked with the Star of David, which Jews were made to wear in Nazi Germany, had been put up for auction on eBay.

    Steve Heywood apologized on behalf of eBay, saying "We are very sorry that these items have been listed on eBay and we are removing them." He went on to say that eBay has made a donation of $40,000 (25,000 pounds) to charity as a gesture of the company's regret and concern. While eBay allows some historical items from wartime Germany such as postage stamps, to be sold on its auction site, these Holocaust memorabilia items clearly violated its sale policy, leading to their withdrawal and the company's apology.  

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