Eastern Ports May Face Strike

  • Longshoremen along the eastern coast ports in the US are preparing to go on a devastating strike. Negotiations between the International Longshoremen’s Association and the US Maritime Alliance crumbled threatening to disrupt the economy and bring on a crisis resulting from the delivery of food items, retail goods, and industrial goods. If the longshoremen's strike does take place it is likely that over 15 ports from Massachusetts to Texas could close down. These include the ports of New York and New Jersey. The deadline for an agreement between the two associations is December 29 and no new talks have been scheduled yet. The two have failed to agree in the matter of container royalties, payments that are made to longshoremen depending on the weight of the cargo containers. The US Maritime Alliance is keen on assigning a cap to the payments. Over 14,500 workers of the 15 ports could go on strike on December 30.