Deadly birth control continues to sell in the US

  • A deadly contraceptive known as NuvaRing is proven to develop blood clots. Despite having about 3,500 users file lawsuits, the contraceptive is still on the US market and the maker earned $623M selling it last year. 

    The saddest of all stories was that of Erika Langhart, who was admitted to the ER before Thanksgiving and didn't make it. The doctor said she had a pulmonary embolism. 

    A Danish study revealed that those who use NuvaRing are much more likely to suffer blood clots than those who don't. Even the company itself has admitted to the issue. 

    "When the FDA comes back to the drug company, the drug company can say, 'You had it in your documents," a lawyer, who is suing the maker said. "If it isn't in the 30-page summary, the FDA is so understaffed it will never be noticed."

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