Companies slowing down drive-thrus

  • Since fast food chains have started to offer more complex menu items, their drive-thru windows have become slower. 

    A recent study revealed that this was the worst year for McDonald's, which made its customers wait for 189.5 seconds between placing their orders and picking up the food. The average of the industry is almost 9 seconds shorter than that. 

    Wendy's on the other hand has an average of 133.6 seconds so that's the place to go if you're really hungry. 

    Editor of the QSR Magazine, which conducted the study said "the operational pressures to assemble items are slowing down the drive-thru." He mentioned that some companies are slowing it down on purpose in order to double-check the accuracy since customers would prefer to wait for a little while longer than to drive away without their precise order. 

    It's ironic that the accuracy was slightly lesser than it was last year. 

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