Collector has a $10 bill worth $500K

  • Although it only says $10 on the corner, this bill is worth much more than just that. 

    A Pennsylvania collector Billy Baeder is interested in rare currency characteristics such as "fancy serial numbers."

    According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, fancy serial numbers have the same or consecutive digits, the number can either be too low or the same digits can have two sets. 

    This $10 bill has the serial number A00000001A; it mentions that it is "payable in silver coin to bearer on demand." Only 184,000 of such "silver certificate" notes were released, most of which were soon recalled thereafter. 

    Since only 15,000 of such notes remained in circulation by 1935, they are highly valued. 

    An expert estimated this particular $10 note's value to be over $500,000. 

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