Chobani says mold in yogurt is not dangerous

  • Yogurt maker Chobani said that the mold, which was responsible for the recall of its Greek yogurt doesn't have anything to do with illnesses such as salmonella. 

    The mold that has been identified as Mucor circinelloides usually affects fruits and vegetables. It has previously been linked to spoiled yogurt. 

    Professor Randy Worobo of Cornell University also said the mold does not pose any threat to the health of the consumers. The university spokesman mentioned that Worobo is not paid by the company and has no financial ties to it either. 

    Without testing or identifying the mold, Worobo chose to speak as an expert saying the mold can be found in processing plants and can only grow on yogurt if it is kept above refrigeration levels. 

    A Chobani spokeswoman said investigations are ongoing and the company is trying to figure out how the yogurt became contaminated. 

    She said 95 percent of the affected products have been removed from the shelves and the company mentioned that these contaminated products represent only 5 percent of its total production. 

    Greek yogurt has become even more popular in America with people preferring yogurt with a thicker consistency and more protein as compared to the other varieties that have long been sold in the county. 

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