China becomes the No. 2 market for Starbucks

  • China is expected to replace Canada early next year after Starbuck opens its 1,000th store there. Starbucks has announced the opening of two flagship stores in the country and it is also experimenting with its interiors and exteriors in order to appeal to the consumers in China. 

    Starbucks views the country as its biggest growth market even though it is a tea-centric culture. "China is our 'second home' market outside of the U.S." John Culver, president of Starbucks Group in China and Asia Pacific said. 

    Beijing even has a new 24-hour location, featuring a special club with live music over the weekends. 

    Culver said Starbucks for the Chinese is "much more of a gathering place for social occasions." It's true- unlike the stores in the U.S., the ones in China have most of their business in the afternoons and evenings. 

    With the two flagship stores in the country, Culver said Starbucks is "trying to prove to the customer that they take the market seriously."

    Considering the huge population of China, the market in the country is almost thrice as big as the one in the U.S. 

    "The challenge is to get a tea-drinking culture to drink more coffee," Culver said. 


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