Cheap fast food comes with a cost of $7B

  • Contrary to popular belief, cheap fast food is not a bargain and reports suggest that it costs US taxpayers $7B in social welfare programs on an annual basis. 

    As revealed by a recent study, 52 percent of fast-food employees and their families seek support from public assistance; the percentage of general workforce that relies on the same is only 25 percent. 

    A 40-year old employee at Burger King mentioned that he has to rely on the government, even though he works as hard as the rest of the population; she earns $7.85 an hour and supports two children. 

    "The CEO of McDonald's makes more in a day than I make in a year," a 21-year old McDonald's employee said. 

    The study also revealed that only 13 percent of these employees receive health care and other benefits. 

    "It doesn't matter whether you work or shop at McDonald's or not, the low-wage business model is expensive for everybody," a National Employment Law Project said. 

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