CES 2017: Nokia Android phone snubs the West

  • Nokia is all set to release its first branded smartphone exclusively in China. Local internet retail giant JD.com will be the marketing partner of Nokia for the device. This highly anticipated android device will mark Nokia's return to the smartphone market after a series of Windows based devices.

    The maker believes that the premium design of Nokia 6 phone would appeal to the local market. The announcement came on the final day of the CES tech show in Las Vegas, where plethora of new mobile phones and gadgets has been launched.

    Noticeably, Nokia is no longer manufacturing phones, but has licensed its brand name to another Finnish company, HMD Global. So far, the only phones launched under the deal were more basic feature phone models.

    The Android device by Nokia had been anticipated highly and is expected to marks Nokia's big return to the smartphone market. The brand once dominated the mobile phone market but had sluggish growth after the launch of the iPhone a decade ago, and gradually falls flat in the market after the subsequent release of Google's Android operating system.

    Nokia's licensee - HMD Global had previously indicated it would release several Nokia-branded Android phones in 2017.

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