BlackBerry purchased corporate jet in July

  • BlackBerry has been planning on cutting 40 percent of its workforce and has also suffered a second-quarter loss of about $1 billion but despite the rough patch that it has been through lately, the company still purchased a corporate jet this summer. 

    The price is not yet known but the best guesses are between $25M to $29M. 

    BlackBerry used to have three corporate jets at one point but ended up selling one of them about a year ago. The 2006 Bombardier Global Express that the company recently bought was meant to replace its previous Dassault Falcon jets. 

    A rep for the company said, "earlier this year the company decided to sell both (Dassault) planes and replace them with one longer-range aircraft."

    The company mentioned that it "has decided to sell (the Bombardier) aircraft along with the two legacy aircraft and will no longer own any planes." Dassault planes appear to still be in action. 

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