Barbie becomes talented in China

  • Mattel is attempting to please children's parents by giving Barbie a fresh look. 

    "Violin Soloist Barbie, will help merge joy and learning," Mattel's VP said.

    Not only are Barbies becoming more talented, but are also expected to have cheaper prices. For instance, a Barbie with violin and sheet music would be sold for $13 in China as opposed to $30 in the US. 

    Mattel is introducing many new developments this year: It has opened a traveling Hot Wheels race track at Thomas the Tank Engine playland and has also changed some of its toys by using pandas instead of puppies. 

    Even Chinese government leaders are talking about Mattel and allowing for a little fun for children during school hours. "If they allow for more play, half of our marketing is done," the company said. 

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