Banks to put human tellers in ATM machines

  • The Interactive Teller technology from NCR now allows customers to interact with humans while using ATM machines. The teller on the screen would be in control of the screen and all of the functions of the machine. This change has opened a door to possibilities that would have otherwise not been in existence. The virtual tellers are able to see both sides of the checks and if a customer deposits a bunch of checks and forgets to endorse one of them, the machine can return it to the customer and ask him for a signature. 

    The transactions have been faster as well since the machine enters the amount of each check and it doesn't have to be done by the teller physically. 

    Customers are said to trust this technology, which allows for lesser number of robberies and convenient transactions.

    Coastal Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, N.C. has reportedly replaced its tellers on site with Interactive Teller machines. Bank of America, too believes that this technology will help deepen its relationship with its customers. 

    "This is the future of banking," Bank of America's senior vice president for ATMs said. 

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