Bank of America intern dies after over working

  • A Bank of America intern, Moritz Erhardt, 21 years, died after pulling three all nights. He reportedly collapsed in the shower while working for straight 72 hours. 

    According to a wallstreetoasis.com poster, Moritz Erhardt went home at 6 am after overworking at the bank. This website has commenters discussing the amount of work that interns have to do at banks in order to secure themselves job offers. 

    Reports say that Erhardt, who was one week away from completing his summer internship, suffered from epilepsy. Bank of America said the student was hardworking and had a promising future. 

    A former investment banker said "banking is hard work and the company constantly reminds you to manage upwards in order to not overheat." He said he had never heard of something like this happening before. 

    Bank of America pays interns $4,200 every month. One of the interns said they were taken home by taxi at about 7am so they could freshen up and come back to the office immediately. 

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