Asia introduces Hello Kitty beers

  • Hello Kitty is approaching 40 years of age and is now engaging in brewing her own beer. 

    Asia has introduced Hello Kitty beer in six fruit flavors and have about half as much alcohol content as American beers do. 

    First introduced in Taiwan, the beers are now available in China. Reviewers have mentioned that the beers taste much like juice and that they can barely taste any alcohol in it. "Goes down like wine cooler," one of them said. 

    The question is if these beers will also say "Hello" to the kids and if the line will cause an uproar even in the United States since the Japanese pop icon is largely aimed at pre-adolescent girls in America. However, this is not the case everywhere in the world since Hello Kitty dressed up as a Hooters Girl only last year for Valentine's Day in Japan. 

    The beers would most probably have to be marketed in the United States with a more grown up look of Hello Kitty in order to avoid controversy. 

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