Apple site shuttered after an attack

  • Apple faced another security breach in the span of only 5 months and the company's website which is used to communicate with its community has been shuttered for the time being. This happened four days after the attack. Apple confirmed that its sensitive and personal information was encrypted and it couldn't have been accessed but the attackers could have taken names, mailing address and emails, as reported by Fox News. 

    Charlie Miller, author of the iOS Hacker's Handbook said that there have been no indications that show possibilities of further attacks on the company anytime soon. He also mentioned that this incident doesn't prove any fault in the company's security system and that such breaches are fairly common. 

    A man calling himself a Turkish security researcher has confessed to be the attacker on YouTube but hasn't been able to reach for comment. The company hasn't commented on his claim either. Apple hopes the website to be back online soon. 

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