Amazon unveils thinner and faster Kindles

  • A pair of new tablets unveiled by Amazon today could lead the company to have a healthy competition with Apple in the tablet market. 

    The Kindle Fire HDXes is available both as a 7-inch and as an 8.9 inch tablet for $299 and $379 respectively. The new devices are faster, thinner, lighter and include high resolution displays as well as an efficient tech support feature. 

    NBC referred to the tablets as being a threat to iPad dominance. "Why would you buy an expensive iPad when Amazon sells a cheaper tablet with high performance and little to no compromise?"

    The company has mentioned that its main goal is to sell the content, instead of the hardware."We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices," CEO Jeff Beroz said. 

    Beroz referred to the new devices as being "completely unique", which would even allow you to set time limits on the several activities for children. 

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