Abu Dhabi 2011 fiscal growth fastest in seven years

  • Abu Dhabi's economy grew 6.8 percent in inflation-adjusted terms in 2011, the fastest rate seen since 2004 and more than double the pace of the previous year.

    The strong growth game on the back of increased activity in both oil and non-oil sectors.

    "Growth in GDP at constant prices during 2011 surpassed all the forecasts and estimates made by local and international parties," the Statistics Centrer of Abu Dhabi said.

    It released detailed inflation-adjusted GDP data for the first time on Sunday. In the past, it only published nominal GDP data.

    The real GDP of Abu Dhabi, one of seven United Arab Emirates, rose 3 percent in 2010.

    Abu Dhabi accounts for most of the UAE's crude oil output and about 65 percent of the GDP of the second largest Arab economy.