Abercrombie loses muslim headscarf lawsuit

  • A muslim worker for Abercrombie & Fitch, who was fired for wearing a headscarf won her anti-discrimination case against the company. 

    The federal judge said the chain had no right to fire the woman and lacked "credible evidence" to prove the fact that her headscarf costed the sales since its a deviation from the required "natural, classic American style". 

    The woman had been wearing a headscarf for months and even wore it to her interview. However, she was later spotted by a district manager and ended up getting fired. 

    A spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations said this case exemplifies the fact that no one should have to pick between their religion and their work. 

    Abercrombie & Fitch had also been sued a few years ago in Britain when it shifted a woman with a prosthetic arm to backroom duties. 

    The company had already allowed at least 16 other women to dress according to their religions and is now updating its policy to accommodate hijabs as well. 

    The woman may be awarded damages this month. 

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